Watch Out for That Guyline?

Tripping over your tent’s guylines at night is a serious safety hazard. If you dislocate a joint or break a bone while camping off the grid, you’re in big trouble. The team at UCO has designed the UCO StakeLight™ primarily to help prevent this common tripping hazard. The LED clearly marks the stake location, as well as casts a radiant light on the guyline and the surrounding area. The StakeLight™ has other key benefits as well. The LED is removable, so you can carry it with you while walking around camp at night. The LED can also be switched to strobe mode, which marks your tent’s location and makes it easier to spot from a distance. To reduce the chances of tripping over your guylines even more, try wrapping some aluminum foil around the reflective guyline. By combining the UCO StakeLight™, aluminum foil, and reflective utility cord, the chances of tripping over your guylines at night will be greatly reduced.

Cheap, Effective DIY Mosquito Trap

Mosquitos really suck. They buzz in your ear, bite you while you sleep and can carry diseases. By using a plastic water bottle, water, brown sugar and dry yeast, you can make a DIY mosquito trap that helps keep mosquitos off of you and away from your camp. When using outdoors, try to put the trap a fair distance away from camp. This will make sure that the mosquitos go for the trap and not you. We have used this trap both indoors and out and it has been and has proven to be a cheap and effective method of mosquito control.

How to Start a Fire in Rainy and Windy Conditions

Starting a fire in a storm or high wind can be a real challenge. Before you gather burning material and create a fire pit, the first thing you need to do is figure out a way to ignite the fire in the rain and wind. UCO Stormproof Matches are renowned for their ability to stay lit no matter what. Also learn how to ignite a UCO Stormproof Match without a usable striker.

Don’t Camp Damp! How to Make a Trash Bag Poncho

Here in the Pacific Northwest, you never know when it might rain. Recently in a summer camping trip, I got caught camping without my rain jacket. If you have a standard kitchen-sized garbage bag, you can create protection from the rain in a pinch. This video shows you how to cut small holes in the bag for a neck and two arm openings. NOTE: Keep the bag away from fire or small children.