Strike-on-Box Matches


Keep a box of these large Strike-On-Box safety matches around your house or backyard BBQ. A perfect go-to, everyday match, it will quickly become a miracle match when you’re in a pinch for a light.



  • Large safety matches.
  • Sturdy carbonized match stick for safe and reliable fire starting.
  • Ideal for lighting campfires, fireplaces, stoves, BBQs, lanterns, candles, etc.
  • Contains 250 matches per box.

Using Matches

CAUTION: Close box before striking match. Carefully monitor lit matches until completely burned. Keep out of reach of children.


  • For lighting a match, it is ideal if the striker is a firm surface which can usually be achieved by just closing the box.
  • If striker and box become wet, the striker will still work, but needs to dry first so that the surface is once again firm. Use a spare striker until then.


  • Strike away from the body or in a downwards position. Be careful of bystanders.
  • Be careful when striking the match since sparks can fly off the igniting head.
  • After using the match, run it in water to be certain that it will not light anything else on fire.

Product Specifications

  • Burn time (up to): 20 seconds
  • Length: 2.125" (5.4 cm)