UCO Welcomes Intova to the Family

Our parent company, Industrial Revolution, recently acquired camera company Intova – this makes the two of us sibling brands, and we’d love to give you a little insight into what Intova brings to the table.

Twenty years ago, Intova was founded upon the goal of providing high-quality waterproof action cameras at an affordable price. They achieved this goal by creating cameras with unique features that create one-of-a-kind experiences for each explorer. Their product line is comprised of digital and HD cameras plus waterproof accessories. Intova’s mission has led to many industry firsts and a growing family of dedicated Intova users interested in diving, boating, SUP, hiking, biking, etc.

Photo credit: https://instagram.com/hawaiivision/

One of our favorite parts of Intova is their group of enthusiastic ambassadors who truly believe in the products and are eager to talk about them. We reached out to a few of them to learn about what they do for work and play and how Intova products support their adventures.

The Uyeda Brothers – Kevin & Gareth, Fishermen

These cameras can capture both still beauty and amazing action in the moment, according to Intova ambassadors Kevin and Gareth Uyeda, “they shoot gorgeous, clear, clean video” too! As a testament to the quality, the Gareth brothers, who are currently filming for the Discovery Channel show Pacific Warriors, caught two Pacific Blue Marlins during filming and it was all caught on Intova cameras!

“We LOVE all our cameras like parents love all their children. The Edge X sits on a roll bar above my head in the back of the kayak because it gives us the widest angle view and can capture the action no matter where the fish pulls us. The Nova HD cameras we have serve a couple of purposes. One is our head camera and gets the POV shots with all the rocking, rolling, and shaking that comes when battling big fish on the open ocean – and the other is on an extension pole. The ConneX is our go to underwater camera. We’re still trying to figure out how to get the best shots w/o tangling our fishing line on it, but we have some awesome footage of our marlin catch that we shot for the Pacific Warriors.”

You can catch the Uyeda Brothers on Pacific Warriors: http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/pacific-warriors/bios/the-uyeda-brothers/

Matthew Wheeler – Diving Guide

Matthew is a diving guide who uses the cameras to capture lifelong memories for himself and his clients. His favorite camera is the Nova HD + Action Video Light, since the quality of the photos come out great, even at night. Wheeler says his favorite moment captured by Intova was when he “took an older woman named Deb out SNUBA diving, she was paralyzed from the waist down. Being able to capture those moments for her and her husband was the moment my perspective on what I do changed. Intova was there for us during that dive.”

“As a diving professional, it’s more what Intova means to my clients. I take people in the water… Mostly for their first time (people of all walks of life and ages). They want photos of themselves, of life under the water, they want memories for a lifetime, and it’s much safer if I do it for them. Being able to provide those memories and moments for them means a lot to me and it’s really not about me. I could charge for photos (about 20-30$ per person), but I don’t. Day in and day out, I use my own resources, time, and I give it to all my clients free. It has nothing to do with Trilogy or anything else. I believe in it. I believe in Intova.”

For more information, read Matthew’s article “5 Tips for Better Underwater Photos.